San Antonio - Kendal Recovery
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San Antonio

San Antonio, TX
Phone: (888) 507-2216

At our drug rehab centers, our approach is simple: we treat each client as an individual with unique needs. After an assessment for detox, we determine which of our treatment methods are appropriate to help the client develop an addiction free lifestyle.

While a client’s length of stay depends on several variables, people who spend longer periods in inpatient treatment programs have a better chance of long-term sobriety. The time gives clients the opportunity to concentrate on the causes of their addiction.

Supervised Detox

Our San Antonio, Texas drug detox clinic offers supervised detoxification for clients, if needed, so the healing can begin. Often, our clients never had the opportunity to detox in a safe, monitored environment, so they simply keep using. After detoxification, we can evaluate our client’s needs and then begin the appropriate treatment.

Dual Diagnosis

Treating addiction without also treating underlying mental health issues would shortchange our clients. At our San Antonio, Texas addiction recovery facility, we know that clients who have anxiety, depression, and other issues, which may contribute to addictive behaviors, will need to address these issues as well. Dual diagnosis helps our clients achieve lifelong recovery, because when there’s a co-occurring disorder that is untreated, recovery can become more difficult.


At our San Antonio, Texas addiction treatment facility, we offer a variety of individual or group therapies where our clients are free to speak honestly about their feelings. During the course of treatment, clients will explore the reasons why they became addicted to a substance, without any judgments or recriminations.

Clients may need help with developing safe coping mechanisms to avoid using drugs or alcohol in secret or they may need help with being assertive and ridding themselves of friends who are a negative influence. We stress avoiding trigger situations, however, if this is not possible, our San Antonio, Texas addiction recovery center shows clients how to indulge in a range of therapeutic activities, instead of going back to the addictive substance that they used before.

Our Addiction Treatment Center

Clients enjoy a safe, structured environment, far from the temptations of everyday life. Clients learn how to make better decisions with the help of their peers, as clients serve as an extended support group for each other. Learning how to make behavioral changes requires support, and we encourage clients to support and trust each other.

The staff offers compassionate support without labeling clients. We treat all of our clients with dignity and respect. We believe that this environment fosters recovery.


Relapse prevention is equally important as recovering from an addiction. Our addiction recovery program stresses the importance of aftercare. Individual counseling, group counseling, or community-based 12-step or non 12-step programs are an ongoing support system for the person as long as he or she feels that it is necessary.

The best aftercare programs address finding housing, including sober-living arrangements if necessary and accepting family responsibilities. Our substance abuse treatment facility helps people deal with their cravings and avoid temptation, however, rehab is ineffective if clients return to an environment that contributed to their substance abuse in the past. In addition, accepting family responsibilities once again gives people a reason to remain sober.

Our extensive drug rehab facility network allows potential clients to select a facility close to, or far from their home. While families and friends can be supportive, some of our clients need to get away from all of the distractions and focus solely on their recovery. A new location may give a person a new outlook on life. We will help our clients find aftercare programs in the own community once they leave our facility.